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Welcome to Roquemore Skierski PLLC:
Your Plano Area Legal Partner

We understand the unique blend of innovation and community that drives success in the Plano area. Our deep roots in the region allow us to provide tailored legal counsel that supports businesses and individuals navigating the local legal landscape.

Our Pledge to the Plano Community

Plano is booming, which means lots of opportunities, new businesses, and sometimes, the kind of legal issues that come along with growth. We’ll handle those with a deep understanding of the Plano community’s rules and regulations and, of course, the friendly spirit that makes this place great. Whether it’s about your business, your home, or something else entirely, we’re here to help you reach your goals.


Roquemore Skierski PLLC –
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Your Plano Legal Partner

We understand the unique blend of innovation and tradition that drives Plano community’s success. Our deep roots in the region allow us to provide tailored legal counsel that supports businesses and individuals navigating the local legal landscape

When business disputes threaten to derail your progress, we are here to help you find swift and favorable resolutions:

Tackling contractual disputes, commercial disagreements, and business-related conflicts with a focus on protecting your bottom line.

Representing your interests in various legal disputes faced by Plano businesses, from internal conflicts to competitor issues.

Offering clear guidance on Plano regulations, contracts, and ongoing compliance issues, so you can operate with confidence.

Let’s create a solid legal foundation for your Plano business venture:

Advising on the right entity – LLC, corporation, etc. – to align with your business goals, tax implications, and protection needs.

Crafting detailed agreements that protect all stakeholders, clearly outlining roles, expectations, and dispute resolution processes.

Guiding you through the establishment of a Limited Liability Company, providing the legal framework for your Plano enterprise.

We understand that internal disputes are particularly sensitive within Plano’s close-knit business community. Find swift and fair resolutions with our expertise:

Seeking remedies for broken promises and enforcing agreements, ensuring your business deals are honored.

Addressing breaches of trust by those in leadership, holding them accountable to safeguard the company and shareholders.

Facilitating productive solutions and utilizing mediation when appropriate to resolve internal conflicts.

Offering strategic counsel for partner disagreements, prioritizing the continued success of the business alongside fair resolutions.

Taking firm action against financial misconduct to protect your assets and seeking to recover losses.

Resolving violations of your carefully crafted partnership agreement, working to quickly restore business order.

The Plano real estate market requires experienced legal support.  Let our team help you navigate:

Clearing up ownership disputes, title issues, and other property challenges, ensuring secure transactions and investments.

Your plano area Resource for Legal Success

Contact us to discuss your Plano legal needs – we're here to help.

At Roquemore Skierski PLLC, we are committed to the growth and stability of the Plano community. Let our legal team provide the personalized guidance and effective representation you need to tackle legal challenges and achieve lasting success.

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Why Roquemore Skierski PLLC is the Right Choice for the Plano Area

We’re not just focused on the law, we’re also invested in the Plano area’s success. We bring local knowledge, experience, and a commitment to personalized support for every client. Think of us as more than your legal team – we’re your partners in success.

Partnering with You in the Plano Area

Facing a legal challenge in the Plano Area? Roquemore Skierski PLLC is ready to help. We’re experienced, compassionate, and right in your backyard. Let’s figure out the best way forward together – get in touch today.

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Serving the Plano Area

Roquemore Skierski PLLC is committed to providing exceptional legal counsel across North Texas. We proudly serve the following locations:


We’re committed to serving Frisco’s rapidly expanding business community, providing legal expertise tailored to the city’s unique needs.


With a deep understanding of the legal challenges faced by businesses and individuals in McKinney, we provide comprehensive solutions for your success.


In the business hub of Plano, we specialize in strategic guidance for established companies and startups alike, helping protect your operations.


Anna businesses turn to us for reliable legal counsel in business formation, contracts, and resolving disputes.


We support Celina’s growing business community with legal expertise in business law and litigation matters.


Businesses in Murphy rely on our experience for guidance with contracts, business formation, and legal disputes.


Your Journey Begins Here.

At Roquemore Skierski PLLC, we understand the importance of community, growth, and resilience. We’re more than just your lawyers, we’re also your partners in navigating the challenges and opportunities of life in Collin County. Reach out to us to find out how we can support your journey toward success and security.