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Driving murphy's Small Business Empowerment

Murphy, Texas, offers a dynamic environment where established businesses and startups alike can flourish. At Roquemore Skierski PLLC, we understand the unique legal needs of businesses in Murphy, regardless of size or industry. We provide a comprehensive suite of legal services designed to empower your venture’s success within the Texas legal framework.

Building a Strong Foundation

Choosing the right legal structure (LLC, Corporation, etc.) is crucial for your Murphy business. We guide you through the formation process, ensuring compliance with Texas regulations for a secure future.

Our comprehensive legal counsel covers all aspects of business law in Murphy, including regulatory compliance, contract negotiations, and strategic guidance for navigating complex legal matters.

Protecting Your Murphy Business Interests

Contract Review and Drafting

Ironclad contracts protect your Murphy business interests. Our skilled attorneys meticulously review existing agreements and draft new ones, safeguarding your rights in every interaction.

Business Litigation

Disputes can arise. We provide experienced Murphy business litigation attorneys to represent you effectively in court, aiming for a favorable resolution in business or commercial conflicts.

Empowering Growth for Your Murphy Business

Employment Law

As your Murphy business expands, adhering to Texas labor laws becomes crucial. We advise on hiring practices, employee manuals, and dispute resolution, minimizing legal risks as your team grows.

Intellectual Property Protection

Your ideas are valuable assets! We help Murphy businesses shield their intellectual property (IP) through trademarks, copyrights, and patents, securing a competitive edge in the market.

Real Estate Transactions

Our Murphy real estate attorneys handle complex commercial and corporate real estate transactions, ensuring secure acquisitions, dispositions, and leases that meet your business objectives. This is particularly relevant for Murphy's flourishing business scene.

What Our Clients Say

Alfred Tabaks

Mary Jo was an amazing help in getting my business up and running. She was extremely knowledgeable and personable; it was great to work with her! She made the process of starting my LLC as painless as possible!

Sharonda Manson

I had urgent legal matters to take care of and I appreciate the quick turn around in the matter. I felt relieved I was able to resolve the issue so swiftly. I would definitely recommend and use the firm services if needed again in the future.

Willie Brewer

Kelvin was so informative and so helpful. He gave great insight to make sure I could use his services.

Beyond Legal Expertise

At Roquemore Skierski PLLC, we’re more than just legal counsel. We’re your trusted partner in Murphy. We understand the challenges and opportunities unique to businesses in Murphy’s diverse and growing market. Our team will work tirelessly to deliver the legal expertise you need to achieve your business aspirations.


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