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At Roquemore Skierski PLLC, we understand the unique challenges faced by North Texas businesses. That’s why we focus on providing aggressive legal representation, tailored strategies, and relentless advocacy for companies involved in complex business disputes, offering comprehensive North Texas legal services.

Why Choose Us for Business Law in North Texas

The North Texas business landscape is dynamic and competitive. You need a legal partner who understands this environment and can protect your bottom line. Our extensive experience in Texas business law allows us to provide proactive guidance and vigorous defense in the courtroom.


Our Business Law Focus in North Texas

We specialize in these core areas of Texas business law:

Business & Commercial Litigation

We fight to win in high-stakes disputes, from breach of contract to complex commercial litigation.

Business Formation

Starting strong is key. We’ll help you choose the right structure, draft ironclad agreements, and minimize your risk from the outset.

Shareholder & Partnership Disputes

Internal conflicts can threaten your business. We’ll help you resolve them strategically, protecting your investments.

Real Estate Litigation

Defend your Texas real estate interests with our deep knowledge of property law and litigation strategies.

Comprehensive Counsel from Roquemore Skierski PLLC

Serving the Diverse Legal Needs of North Texas

The North Texas region is a thriving hub of business and innovation, attracting people and enterprises from across the country. Roquemore Skierski PLLC is committed to providing comprehensive legal counsel, tailored to address the dynamic needs of this expanding region. We offer expertise across several critical legal practice areas, supporting both individuals and businesses as they navigate the complexities of the law in North Texas.

We understand the fast-paced nature of business in North Texas, and recognize that disputes are sometimes inevitable. Our proven litigation strategies support a wide array of business and commercial matters:

Resolving disputes arising from contracts, transactions, and other commercial agreements, focusing on solutions that support your continued growth.

Representing your interests in various legal disputes faced by businesses, from intellectual property claims to partnership conflicts.

Offering sound guidance on the full spectrum of business law matters, including regulatory compliance, contractual obligations, and risk mitigation.

Our experienced attorneys assist entrepreneurs and enterprises in navigating the intricacies of business formation, ensuring a solid foundation for success:

Advising you on the most advantageous legal structure for your North Texas venture, balancing tax benefits, liability protection, and growth objectives.

Constructing comprehensive agreements outlining the role of each partner, setting clear expectations and minimizing the potential for future disputes.

Guiding you through the establishment of a Limited Liability Company, providing legal structure designed for flexibility and asset protection.

In a region where relationships matter, we understand the importance of resolving internal business conflicts swiftly and with minimal damage to business and personal reputations. Our services include:

Seeking fair remedies and enforcing contractual obligations to protect your business relationships and financial interests.

Addressing breaches of trust by those in positions of authority, ensuring shareholders’ and the business’s interests remain protected.

Facilitating productive solutions through skilled negotiation and mediation to resolve disputes within the company.

Navigating contentious partner disagreements with an emphasis on timely solutions that benefit both the business and individuals involved.

Taking decisive legal action in cases of financial misconduct to recoup losses and protect your company’s financial integrity.

Offering strategic legal solutions when the terms of your partnership agreement are breached.

The complexities of property ownership and development in North Texas require experienced legal representation. We offer guidance for:

Clearing title issues, resolving ownership disputes, and ensuring secure real estate transactions and investments throughout the region.

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We’re not just your attorneys, we’re also invested in the success of the North Texas business community.  Our active community involvement demonstrates our dedication to helping this region thrive.

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Don’t let legal disputes derail your business. Contact Roquemore Skierski PLLC today for the strategic, aggressive representation your company deserves.

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Roquemore Skierski PLLC is committed to providing exceptional legal counsel to the thriving communities of North Texas. We proudly serve the following locations:


With a deep understanding of the legal challenges faced by businesses and individuals in McKinney, we provide comprehensive solutions for your success.


We offer tailored legal support to Melissa’s growing businesses and families, ensuring your interests are protected.


In the business hub of Plano, we specialize in strategic guidance for established companies and startups alike, helping protect your operations.


We understand the dynamic environment of Prosper, offering specialized business law services to help companies navigate growth and thrive.


We’re committed to serving Frisco’s rapidly expanding business community, providing legal expertise tailored to the city’s unique needs.


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Roquemore Skierski, PLLC combines deep legal knowledge with genuine care, recognizing the individuality of each legal situation. Anchored in the heart of North Texas, we’re equipped to address your legal concerns and champion your rights, providing comprehensive North Texas legal services. Contact us to initiate a dialogue.